Samsung Galaxy Tab A T555 - 9.7 Inch, 16GB, 4G LTE, Smoky Titanium

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A T555 - 9.7 Inch, 16GB, 4G LTE, Smoky Titanium



Introducing the entertainment machine that is equipped with everything you need to make every moment a lively one. Say hello to the Samsung Galaxy Tab A; a slim, sleek, and sophisticated mobile device that can effectively play the role of trusty companion or adept assistant whenever you need it. Not only does it have a flexible design that lets it fit in with any setting without looking out of place, but also adjusts to your moods and gives you just the right of amount of power you need for a specific task. It could be a low power task like listening to music or sending a message, or a power hungry task such as gaming; the Samsung Galaxy Tab A gives you just the right amount of power for every task without wastage. This is all possible due to the capable and efficient Quad Core processor that is integrated into its hardware. This processor works at an even pace with the battery, giving you only as much energy as you need. This slim splendor is ready to stun when it comes to looks. Gorgeous in gray and with delicate dimensions of 242.5 x 166.8 x 7.5 mm, you have a winner in the form of this tablet!




450 g

Quad-core 1.2 GHz

16 GB

Main Camera 5 MP 
Front Camera 2 MP

9.7 inches

1.5 GB RAM

6000 mAh

Android OS, v5.0



Keeping all your Samsung devices in sync with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is now a reality. This is easily accomplished using the Samsung SideSync 3.0 and the Quick Connect features. Now sharing content and working with your Samsung tablet, smartphone and personal computer is easy and quick.



Multitasking on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A goes to a whole new level. This brilliant tablet lets you split your screen and do two things at the same time. You can enjoy two apps on the same screen. For instance, flip through your photo gallery while checking your social media, browse websites while messaging your friends. Now you finish twice the work within the same time span. This tablet enables you to do more.



The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a great way to make sure your little one can have fun while being safe. This little wonder takes a load off your head and provides a colorful and engaging playground for your kids. You can even make sure they don’t accidentally trip on some matter that you wouldn’t want them to by effectively managing what your kids access. You can even make sure they don’t get too attached to the device by determining how long they spend using it. If you have certain files you wouldn’t want them to stumble upon while having fun, you can keep them private by twiddling with the settings that this tablet offers. You can get the Samsung Galaxy Essentials for free and activate the Kids Mode to keep your content and your kids safe and secure. This is the virtual counterpart of an actual playground, minus all the scrapped knees and kiddie fights.



With you every step of the way, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is your portable partner. This tablet is furnished with all the tools you need to work from anywhere in the world. Everything you are used to at your desk at the office is now on your tab! You can work with the efficient Microsoft Office that can be downloaded for free from Galaxy Apps. Just click on each of the Microsoft Office icons to download them, and Voila! You have a mini portable office at your service. You can review and edit an article on Microsoft Word, add the finishing touches to a presentation on Microsoft PowerPoint, and even make a few corrections in Excel if need be. What’s more, you can easily work on the same documents across multiple devices, and be sure that your content and formatting remains unharmed. Store all these important files on the Microsoft OneDrive that offers up a whopping 100GB of storage that remains free for two years.


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ColorSmokey Titanium
Item ConditionBrand New

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