Apple MacBook - Intel Core M, 1.3 GHz Dual Core, 12 Inch, 512GB, 8GB, Gold, En Keyboard, Early 2015 - MK4N2LLA

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Launched in early 2015, the Apple MacBook Laptop has brought in a new trend that pitches sophisticated performance along with impossibly slim design. This laptop discards the tiresome rigmarole of shaving off a few millimeters and a couple of grams here and there and instead takes a slightly unorthodox approach of building from ground up. The result? A thinner, lighter, more functional, and intuitive device that is a part of a singular, simple design. The laptop has a subtle gold exterior that reflects the sophisticated technology in its interior. This interior features an Intel Core M Dual Core processor that has a capacity of 1.3GHz and is designed with the 14 nanometer process technology that sticks to the sylphlike design. This new technology enables the chip to be loaded with more transistors than the previous generation that encourages efficient performance that is ideal for handling daily tasks. Helping with keeping things smooth is the 8GB RAM that makes multitasking a blur of efficiency. The computer features a pristine 12inch retina display that measures only 0.88mm in thickness and includes over 3 million pixels to give you crystal clear images that sport resolutions as high as 2304 x 1440 pixels. The laptop also features an internal storage of 512GB that make it possible to store all your files securely.


Physical Features



12 Inch


512 GB


0.92 kg




1.3 GHz Dual Core






OS X Yosemite

Attention to Detail


While working from the ground up, the Apple MacBook Laptop has revamped a few attributes along the way. This includes the keys on your ultra flat keyboard. The makers have replaced the scissor mechanism used in conventional keyboards with the more effective butterfly mechanism that keeps things more stable and responsive. The 12inch retina display is paper thin with a thickness of only 0.88mm. This display gives you high quality images with resolutions of 2304 x 1440 pixels while still keeping things slim.

Keeping it Simple


Finally a port that can conduct multiple functions with minimum clutter. This innovation is called the USB C port, and it offers you the ability to charge and conduct speedy USB 3 data transfer while connecting devices. You can also connect the laptop to HDMI and VGA devices using this USB port but with the help of external adapters that are sold separately. In addition, this port is one third the size of the normal USB port, so you get a sleeker looking design.

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