Kenwood Food Processor - FPM250, Silver

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The Kenwood Food Processor FPM250 is constructed of supreme quality materials and is a must have kitchen accessory. The perfectly designed processor features an in bowl drive technology that is very effective. It replaces the traditional spindle, facilitating easy setup and seals the bowl to increase capacity. It allows you prepare meals in large quantities and do so frequently. The food processor comes with a 2.1L bowl, 1.2L classic blender, a coarse grate discs, an extra fine grate discs, citrus press, dough tool, and metal twin geared whisk, so you can perform a variety of process easily. The Kenwood Food Processor FPM250 is available in a silver color that neatly complements your kitchen decor.


Kenwood Food Processor FPM250 - Physical Features



Full Safety Interlock


2.1 litre Bowl Capacity


Dual Drive System


1.2 litre Liquidiser





Kenwood Food Processor FPM250


The Kenwood processor is fitted with a 750W motor that runs up to twenty two different functions. This blender features a full safety interlock that can be found on the bowl itself. This interlock prevents the food processor from starting up until it is engaged properly. These interlocks also ensure there is no access to the moving blades, thus reducing the chance of accidents. The dual drive system employed enables you to run the food processor and blender from the same power base for convenience of use. It also incorporates an in bowl drive technology that does away with the conventional spindle making the bowl easier to set up and increases the capacity by sealing it.

Kenwood Food Processor FPM250


Cleaning the processor is now a lot easier as all the parts are detachable, facilitating easy washing. Also, the removable parts are safe for use in a dishwasher. The Kenwood food processor has a shiny stainless steel exterior that looks cutting edge and contemporary. Weighing only 4.06kg, this food processor can be moved around and packed away easily.

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