Philips PowerTouch dry electric shaver PT860 DualPrecision blades Flexing heads with Pop up trimmer

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Product Description

Product Description


Philips Introduces The PowerTouch - A Fast Way Through Your Morning Routine

The PowerTouch Series is for a convenient dry electric shave to make your shaving routine simpler, easier and faster. Philips PT860 rechargeable electric shaver gives a close, comfortable shave.

Product Features

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Patented Super Lift & Cut Technology

The Philips PowerTouch PT860 Shaver is equipped with a dual blade system to give you an ultra-close shave. The Philips PT860 Super Lift and Cut System is designed to give you the close yet secure shave as first blade lifts and second blade cuts for a comfortable close shave. It means the shave is able to cut the longest hair and the shortest stubble, even on the neck.

Contour Following Flex Action Shaver Head
Contour Following Flex Action Shaver Head

The flexing heads in the shaving unit swivels with a full range of motion and gently follows the contours of your skin to catch every hair on every contour. This combination ensures optimum skin contact in curved areas, to catch even the most problematic neck hair, allowing you to experience the ease of a smooth shave, even in hard-to-reach areas.

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Pop-up Trimmer

The pop-up trimmer of Philips PT860 Dual Precision electric shaver is ideal for sideburns and mustache, so you can tailor your looks to suit your style.

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DualPrecision Cutting

The ultra-thin heads of the Philips PT860 have slots in the blades to catch longer hair and holes in the blades to shave short stubble. The stainless steel is made very to lie thin so the stubble in the skin can be easily reached.

Efficient Power System

Philips PT860 is a rechargeable shaver so you can enjoy the comfort of cordless shave which make it ideal for traveling. Charging your shaver is simple - just plug it in the adapter. After charging it for 1 hour, it gives you approximate 50+ minutes of cordless power, which is approximately 17 shaves. Fully charge the shaver in 1 hour of charging time, or 3 minutes quick charge for 1 shave.

The multi-purpose display of Philips PT860 electric shaver display the status of battery low, battery full, and also gives charging indication.

Washable shaver head
Washable Shaver

The Philips PT860 comes with a washable shaver head, meaning it is very easy to keep it clean and hygienic, as you can simply rinse this waterproof shaver under tap. It also includes a cleaning brush to remove even the smallest dust particles and hair. Your Philips PowerTouch Shavers come with corrosion free heads to give it a brand-new like look even after many uses. Keep your shaver in optimal shape by rinsing it in hot water after every use.

Replacement Shaving Head

Philips offers a range of replacement shaver head for its PowerTouch shaver range. All Philips shavers come with one shaver head that can be replaced after every two years for optimal shaving results. To get the most out of your shaver, you should clean its shaving head after every 3 months.

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Advised Shaving Method

Rotary shavers require a rotating movement to get a close shave, contrary to a blade, where a rotating movement is dangerous and a linear movement is the standard. When shaving the neck, look down to catch all hair (again, this is quite dangerous with a blade).

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